I need help getting around the Dragonstone programming in FE6

I remember in the past when FE7 was the most hacked game, that people could not be bothered to make manaketes with the transformation sequence, and instead just had the already transformed manakete animation for battles only. Basically like Morva in FE8.

I am trying to achieve the same thing, but the methods I have tried to use to get around it (keep in mind I don’t know what I’m doing) have done nothing to affect how the game assumes it should transform. What should I do to make it so that it basically just functions like a spell of fire/divine breath?

Also, while I’m here, how difficult is it to re-align spell animations? I am pretty sure that the breath animation position has to be adjusted as the position of the head is different between the FE8 manakete and the FE6 ones.

Use FEBUILDER GBA there is a patch that allows you to select each part of the animation ID (write Battle transform in the patch finder installer)
pick the FE8 ROM for exemple if you install the patch you’ll see how it goes. i dunno how to explain correctly i’m french actually so my english is not that good for explain things.

I think it may answer your questions.

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There is no such patch for FE6.