I need help fixing something

i was wondering how do i fix this this pop up every time i load1 a new character any way to fix ?

You should probably ask for help for things like this on the Discord instead of making loads of topics like you have

Okay link ?

click the magnifying glass and search “discord”

Im discouraged at this point im thinking about just leaving this community lol :laughing: im trying to go by the rules seeking help but it seems like im being more annoying then actually finding the help i just went on this discord and i got nothing because i cant show the picture of what im explaining maybe im on the wrong topic but thanks you anyways for the suggestion

read the server rules

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Hey LostAngel! While I can’t personally help you with your issue because I’m not a hacker, I’ll go ahead and provide a few tips.

Firstly, joining the discord is never a necessity. You’ll get more immediate responses there than you will here, but if you aren’t comfortable joining a discord, I completely understand.

What I think a better process right now is trying to bring more description to these threads asking for help. Asking for help on the forum is totally fine! It’s almost preferred because a lot of people will search through old threads to see if others had the issue they’re currently having before posting. Having a more descriptive title that provides a few specifics of the issue you’re experiencing, with a more detailed post below it, will help the actually helpful hackers know exactly what you’re experiencing and if its something they can validly assist with.

If people are annoyed by you posting asking for help, that’s on them, not on you. Nobody ever said getting into ROMHacking is easy, so keep at it! As far as I can tell, you’ve done nothing explicitly against the rules.

Hopefully you can get some help on this, friend!


Nah im good :+1:

Thanks bro :pray: real talk i think what imma do is just start a new file i might of screwed this one up

Asking questions is, in fact, what the questions category is for.

@OP, please continue doing as you feel comfortable.


I don’t understand your question at all. Please elaborate.

As others have said, discord is also a good place to ask questions especially when it’s a quick, small question & you want a faster response