I Make FE8 girl's portrait a little bit cuter using FEH portraits

Hello everyone! its my first time posting here : D I love Sachiko Wada’s artwork and I really love fe8, but some of the girls in that game just don’t appeal to me. and so as you can see from the title, I’m importing fe8 girls portraits from fire emblem heroes. also I use the original color pallete so the character will blend with the game artstyle.

Tana :

feh tana

Lute :
for lute I find the winter outfit by amagaitaro is really cute, so I remove her hat

feh lute

l’arachel :

feh l'arachel

Amelia :

Feh Amelia

Myrrh :

Feh myrrh

Neimi :

feh neimi

vanessa [WIP] :

feh vanessa

yanalussmir - Copylarcemen - Copy

I skipped the other girl because I think their portrait is already perfect.

or maybe I will add the other girl later .

Credit :

Tana art by cuboon
Larachel art by Konfuzi Kokon
Vanessa art by Naruse Uroko
Amelia, Myrrh and Lute art by Amagaitaro
Neimi art by HASUMI KAORU

portrait mug by me GenzoSen


these do not fit with fe8’s sprites


Yeah, these don’t really fit with FE8’s vanilla portraits, but they are pretty competent adaptations of the Heroes art into a GBA-insertable format! Props for actually doing the blinking and talking frames, too; most conversions of non-pixel art I’ve seen don’t bother.


Then we will make ALL of them feh style. Let the operation commense.


I would be all about that hack.
I would make that hack, if necessary, were the assets available.

I don’t play FEH. I make it a point of personal policy not to play gatcha games because I cannot trust myself with them. But these are some lovely assets.

Subscribed! :heart:

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I love how the portraits are so intricate and detailed and then the map sprite is just :expressionless:

Yet FEH doesn’t have a consistent style.

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Yes that’s what having different artists making stuff for the game means

These look very cool! They kind of remind me of the character style seen in Yggdra Union.

Looking forward to more updates :smiley:


Honestly feels like a hack idea ready to be made, doesn’t even seem so hard. Updating all of FE8 graphics with portrait styles like these and updated animations from the repository.

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