I’m new! :3

It’s Ok :’)

I still Don’t Know Which Topic This Would Belong To, Anyone Know? :’)

Please? Someone tell me plz? :’)

Best bet would probably be the Project → Concept tag, if you’re referring to the plans for your future project.

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Thank You :slight_smile:

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For romhacks, I highly recommend Code of the Black Knight(multiple routes and endings and tier 3 promotions with a lot of very cool chapter designs), The Lonely Mirror(the characters and story are some of the best I’ve seen and many many custom events and inserts) and Journeys(it’s not like regular emblem, it has weapons that don’t break but give 0mt and then weapons that have just sone MT and the resource management for the weapons that give the characters some more damage is really fun and unique. The gameplay is one of the best I’ve played and I love that every character has something of value to offer the player).