I’m having trouble with .rar files!

Hello all!

I’m interested in playing the new Project Ember game! But I’m unable to patch the .rar file onto an existing copy of a Fire Emblem GBA rom. (6?)

I usually use a tool called Multipatch which has no issues patching a .ups file onto an existing GBA rom.

Does anyone know of any programs or methods that would allow me to patch?

I emulate on a Mac if that matters.

Thank you!

RAR is a proprietary compression software, like zip or 7z but bad. You can download the unrar package from homebrew and use commands

unrar x project_ember.rar

You will get an ups file.
or just use a website like https://extract.me/ if you don’t know how that works.

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You downloaded the .zip? follow these steps.

  1. Download a .zip extractor, winRAR, 7zip, etc.
  2. extract all to your computer.
  3. open your emulator (Mgba is my recommendation as it’s simple to bypass the patching thing.)
  4. load a JPN fe6 rom
  5. check if you have any cheats active, if so, remove the cheats, if not, continue.
  6. load the ups patch you like. (if it’s your first run, go the HM patch.)
  7. if it doesn’t load, shutdown Mgba and repeat steps 4 and 6 as shown above.
  8. when it loads, feel satisfied that you can play it.
  9. enjoy playing Project Ember!
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