I kept on forgetting to make a account. Hello!

I’ve started to have an intrest in fire emblem rom hacking about 4 years ago, and ive been hooked ever since. For around 2 years I’ve been in the process in making a Fe8 romhack for my own personal enjoyment to get used to things, and maybe later make one for the public. Sadly I haven’t really been the one to engage in conversation,but instead, be that one guy that lurks at all of the topics here. I am not the best when it comes to romhacking, however I do enjoy learning new things every week. This is a very nice community and I hope to engage in converstions more often to the future.

I have played Fire Emblems 7/8/and all of 14, being sacred stones as my favorite one. Aside from Fire Emblem, I do enjoy FGO, Xenoblade, and Splatoon. Thanks for reading :>


Hello hello and welcome to FEU

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