I just made my first mug!


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the top of her head is cut off


Yeah. I made it too tall and had to crop


maybe crop the bottom since that’s vastly less important than the top


I cropped from the center


My dear Tatiana!!!


Yes! She’s my favorite character in the series


Make a mug of My waifu, Genny. plz?


Lol. I’ll try. But you need to prove yourself before I let you make a wife out of my sweet little daughter. I must protect her! XD
In all seriousness, Genny is my favorite unit to use in Echoes.

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There are several issues with that mug. For starters, there are more than 16 colours, so it is not insertable in that state. In addition, some of her hair is inside the two 16x48 hackboxes, so even if it was insertable, some of those strands would vanish into thin air, only to reappear as they pass back into usable space.

My advice for fixing things is to first download Usenti and requantise the portrait. Then, give your beloved a haircut so she doesn’t have magically vanishing hair.


Lol. Good idea XD