I have an extremely dumb but important question for everybody. (FE6 Anniversary Related)

So I got a bit of dilemma tonight because I had one plan that is being now reconsidered and I need you lovely ladies & gentlemen to input on this one.

Long story short but still long. A week ago I made a plan to start doing the Elibe continent map on Binding Blades release date (29th of March) since it would be its 20th anniversary. And the plan was to get Thracia done before then, but as of right now it’s getting stalled until I play Thracia 776, so with that said.

I had an extraordinarily dumb idea. And that’s what if instead of starting the project properly by then. I try to get it finished by then.

Now you may ask, if the last two giant maps I did took 2 months each. How the hell am I going to manage a map that’s likely twice the size of those two at the same time, wouldn’t it take at least 4 months? Well, you are probably right, which is why I’m asking the question should i?

  • Start it on March 29th (FE6’s release) and finish it by 25th of April 2023 (FE7’s release)
  • Get it finished by March 29th 2022

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So due to the inherent nature of the project, if you choose the 2-month period. I will personally request your help in the interpretation part of the project as well as just progress feedback along with other side stuff like question answering or some personal encouragement etc. This may require a good look at the stories of fe6 & 7 to see where the chapters of those games are located, because this will contain 40+ of those chapters and potentially other stuff.

And I don’t have the time to do the main work of it while considering where the maps should be located on the whole project. I will have a credits list for the people who help significantly with me on it watermarked (literally) on the corner of the map.

It’s a big ask for myself and others, but I feel that it’s possible and that I’m too much of a nutjob to simply not do it. And that it would be a really special thing for the FEU community as well as the whole Fire Emblem community if this not only happens, but also gets done on FE6’s 20th Anniversary.

TL;DR - Im considering doing the Elibe Continent in 2 Months for FE6’s anniversary, and i want your vote, comment/opinion, and also help in some ways.

Personally, dates and anniversaries of the original games have no significance to me.

I think you should do what you enjoy and not worry about a deadline. If you aren’t having fun with it, you have no obligation to continue. You can always take a break and come back to mapping later when you feel inspired by something.


I suppose (although this probably wasn’t always the case) that I feel some degree of an obligation to do so. Albeit the main reason is that there is only so much more infinite freetime left before I can’t do these in a reasonable amount of time.

I respect the sentiment of “but I want to do the cool thing”, I know if I was in your shoes I probably would have rushed it out but I recommend taking your time with it, just remind yourself that people will remember the quality of the work, not the date in which it came out. Plus, if you find yourself able to get it done ahead of schedule, you may be able to post it in March of next year instead of April.

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