I don’t know what to say

Guys I have some news it’s about the project and it’s about my health Recently I discovered that my cerebro fluid is leaking from my nose I don’t know if it’s bad but tomorrow I’ll finish my check ups
(Cerebro fluid leaking ) aka CFL is caused by either a heavy hit to the head ( a car accident etc) or a tumor and I’m praying it’s from my car accident
The project work will slow down but I’ll try to do what I can

Yeah that’s it I guess


Um, if your cerebral fluid is coming out at all, you should focus on that, talk to your doctor. Worry about this project when you’re not having your brain leak out.

Get well soon.


Oh, that’s terrible… Personally, as Mystic said, go talk with a doctor about that. You have all the time in the work to finish your project, and I wouldn’t continue until your brain isn’t leaking out.

Hope you get better!


so the proyect is dead?

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Hell to the damn NO