I believe introductions are in order

Greetings. I am LuminescentPearl, and I am introducing myself as a part of the FE hacking community.

I’ve played FE3,FE4,FE6,FE7, and FE8.

I’ve only started hacking very recently(Less than a week ago), and am still learning how to use FE builder.

I never really considered ROM Hacking until that time, but now that I started I can say I am officially in.

My first exposure to ROM hacking was Pokémon Gaia. After some time I discovered Fire Emblem and its open hacking community. While I most certainly am no expert, I can say with confidence that I’ve picked up hacking very well.

My first hack, Fire Emblem - Rise of Rebellion, is currently in development. I plan a short hack with a small cast and small chapter number(~15). I hope to gain a lot of feedback and criticism to improve my abilities for my larger goal, which is still just a concept.

Thank you for reading. If you want to know anything about my hack, please message my account.

NOTE: If you are an experienced ROM Hacker, please message me if you can about how to edit the beginning cutscene of FE8 and how to edit pictures.


Since you asked…

Welcome to feu


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