I am in need of help, I am trying to put in Apocalypse, Naglfar, Gleipnir, Demon Surge, etc. into a FE7 hack that I'm making

I’m trying to put in those magic animations into my Rom hack, and I need to know if there’s anyone with a Fe7 compatible animations of those above

Spell animations aren’t like battle animations where you can easily import/export them. You can rip the frames, but the animations are hardcoded, so you’d essentially have to remake them all with CSA Creator.

how do I get the frames then?

FEBuilder can rip them.

I have that, but where and how in FEBuilder can I do that

Hit the ‘advanced editors’ (or whatever it was) button and look around. It shouldn’t be that hard to find.

If it’s magic animation in rom, then it only has very little of Apocalypse in FE6, I might be doing it wrong though

It may be that Apocalypse is hardcoded.