I Am Here. Whoever I am?

Good morning, I am a semi-nocturnal “person” who supposedly plays Fire Emblem games. My name is Aren and I am mostly here for FEE3. Blame @VonIthipathachai if you must. My FE hacking experience is somewhere between zero and none, instead I’m an experienced developer using SRPG Studio. As experienced as one can be with a program that’s been out for a year.

I like trying to be creative with my projects and bring together new or underappreciated features into the more traditional Fire Emblem formula that forms the base to a fresher experience that’s still familiar to FE fans. I have a single released project that Von has already shared here with seemingly little reception which I intend to tune up with feedback from players in time for the showcase. I’m also in the early stages of a significantly more ambitious project that, who knows, could show up in next year’s FEE3. It aims to bring together my creative unique units with an open world design and elements of a Randomizer run to create replayability.

I also forgot if I said hello in this already or not, so, uh, hi?


“Open world and elements of a randomizer run”
Huh, sounds interesting.
Also nice Kirumi pfp.

Hi there, I’ve seen you in the SRPG Studio discord many times but never the FEU or /r/fireemblem discord servers before.

Welcome to 'Universe!:slightly_smiling_face:


For all those curious, here is Aren’s project I submitted on his behalf: