Hypothetically if the were no more vanilla fe games released and the franchise is officially dead
How long would:
-The fe hacking community survive
-The fe subreddit survive
-Your interest in fe as a franchise survive?


I was under the impression that most hackers aren’t the biggest fans of current FE. (Not me personally but I digress)

Considering we’re hackers of games that came out 20 years ago lol


forum dedicated to hacking games that are ~20 years old


bring back advance wars


i wouldn’t know what the hacking scene looked like before awakening but I heard it and fates played a lot in revitalizing the community. It’d likely had bring about a lot of new hackers to as well, same with three houses and engage. So supposed new games aren’t coming out would the current amount of hackers have enough retention rate to keep the franchise “alive” essentially
because It could be assumed that at some point some people would grow more distance from the franchise purely out of the fact life happens sometimes


Gba is in that sweet spot where it can be emulated on just about anything, but it’s powerful enough that it can do anything non-3d pretty well. It seems that gba games are the most popular to hack and to play hacks of. I don’t see this changing anytime soon


Unless you’re Super Mario World, although I think that’s probably just the hugest SNES game to hack, or it was before Mario Maker, I’ve not checked on it since, hah.


I think they’d either still be here or leave.

I totally see the subreddit dying out.

And I’d probably come back for nostalgia purposes or if I got writing ideas or something.

I mean the FE community is kind of dying out as is? There hasn’t been any news on FE since Engage and how long are people gonna hold their hopes out for a Fe4 remake.

I don’t know how to answer that but it might continue on after a certain amount of time before becoming irrelevant, dead or n talked about.

blood would fill the streets of feu in a day. spriters would be without idea guys for which to work under.
pmes will have people collabing in discords to ruin opposing pmes.

more seriously i think the hacking/fangame community would still live on fairly well, certainly smaller but i do think fe fills a specific niche which will at least keep some wanting for it. fe subreddit meanwhile could coast for quite some time just off the glut of content there is already to engage with.
my interest would prolly personally stick, it’s a series i love and with a fair bit of minutiae that i find sometimes goes under-talked about. 'course like any interest it would probably go with time and id keep shooting the breeze with the people i’ve gotten to talking with here.


FEU will be destroyed on November 19th, 2026.

Cringe paragraph warning
  • I think the hacking community (plural at this point) would barely have a dent in it if Official FE games came to an end. At worst there would be a plateau in numbers. While newer titles gradually bring in fans with more modern ambitions, there’s already a sizable legacy left behind, and that will only continue to flourish as more games in the series are understood and made easily accessible for modding purposes.
  • I don’t use reddit enough to have an answer for #2 but I assume they’d adapt just like any other series that’s long gone.

  • My interest in FE comes and goes these days, even with new releases. Nothing hurts a good revisit regardless, though, so probably forever.

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F.E. titles for GBA have a “scent” all their own, bringing back memories of the old, unforgettable 1980s and 1990s anime series. And then those pastel colors, those angular and unpolished features, beautiful because so far from reminding us of the cold and prosaic everyday reality. And then playing and replaying them, on GBA SP or DS Lite, relaxed in the living room armchair, after a hard, nerve-wracking day at work… :relieved:

I will SAVE fire emblem if that ever happens


I will DESTROY fire emblem again


Honestly, I’m not sure if this has been said already as an answer to your question, but here’s a funny story for you that I remember hearing once about the FEE3 event that the FE Community has (other people reading this, feel free to elaborate and/or correct me because I’m going off of memory here):

It was originally started because it was a way to keep the FE hacking community alive in the event that the franchise officially died.

Back when everyone thought Awakening was going to be the last game in the franchise (and we all know how THAT turned out), people put it together to keep the community alive.

So as a result, I would say that, as long as FEE3 is there, that’s how long the community will live for.
When the time comes that FEE3 is no longer being held, that will signal the end of the FE hacking community… and even then, I wouldn’t call that a true ‘end’ necessarily.

Because you never know who’s out there working on something regardless. Something that may never get that full attention that it deserves, but the important thing is that it exists regardless.

The FE hacking community will only truly die, I think, once there is no longer someone with an interest in FE and the will to romhack.

While I can’t say for sure how long the Subreddit would survive, I can tell you this-
Me, personally, I would be always carrying a fond place for FE. It’d be the kind of thing that would be mentioned years later and I would still likely have fond memories of.