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So far, I’ve ported a bunch of Music from other games and MIDI files to Sacred Stones and have been slowly updating them in a post in the Resource Repository.
Rather than just updating the post, or continuing to make multiple posts in a the RR topic, I decided to create a Topic for the purpose of posting the ported music I’ve created. I will most likely update this post time from time with new music I’ve ported.

The music are .s files, and you can use it with credit! If the Music Repo gets updated, I’d like for my ported music to be in the Repo if possible.

On another note, I’ve also made a video that shows how to use the Character Creator, but I never really linked it here much so…here you go. I figured it would be helpful to those who would like to create Portraits but don’t know how to use the Character Creator.

Here is the link to the Google Drive where you can download the .s files. Please provide credit, including the one with the O.M.C.B tag.


Here is the Music I’ve ported from other games and MIDI’s.

O.M.C.B = Orginal MIDI Created By

Castle Crashers

Spanish Waltz (O.M.C.B: Lots_Of_Songs_From_PVZ_2)

Cave Story

Eyes of Flame (O.M.C.B: Maybe Gregg)

Cosmo Psycho


Fire Emblem

Fates: Dusk Falls (O.M.C.B: Unknown)
Fates: Path of the Hero King (O.M.C.B: Softwave)
Heroes: Tempest Trials (O.M.C.B: Unknown)
New Mystery: Conspiracy
New Mystery: Dark Emperor Hardin
New Mystery: Days of Training
New Mystery: Holy War
New Mystery Keep Marching On
New Mystery: Liberation
New Mystery: Those who Carves a New History
New Mystery: Theme of Love
Shadow Dragon: Dark Clouds Gather
Shadow Dragon: Footsteps of Fate
Shadow Dragon: Hero Falls
Shadow Dragon: Positioned to Win
Shadow Dragon: Sweet Victory
Shadow Dragon: Together We Ride


Port Town


1st F Forest
B-in Battle 1
Did Castle
FN Five Knights
I, Akira

Kid Icarus

Uprising: Boss (O.M.C.B: Pixelated Studio)


64: Miracle Matter
Mass Attack: Fun Castle
Mass Attack: Over the Water
Mass Attack: Staff Roll
Super Star Ultra: Kabula
Dream Course: Cloudy Mountain Peaks
Dream Course: Duel on the Dream Course
Dreamland 3: Grass Land
Dreamland 3: Minigame


M&L BIS: Grasslands, All the Way
M&L PIT: Boss
M&L PIT: Vim Factory
Paper Mario TOK: Autumn Mountain Battle (O.M.C.B: Unknown)
Paper Mario TTYD: Miniboss (O.M.C.B: Swordbolt)
Paper Mario TTYD: Training Battle (O.M.C.B: Link 75)


7: Bass & Treble
7: Jurassic Jungle
7: Ruined Highway
& Bass: Burnerman
& Bass: Coldman
& Bass: Pirateman
& Bass: Wily Castle
X: Flame Mammoth
X: Sigma Fortress 3
Zero 4: Esperanto
ZX: Area H Amusement Park
ZX: Area I Misty Rain
X6: High Max


I: Battle I (O.M.C.B: Unknown)


3Reload: It’s Going Down (O.M.C.B: MIDI Person)


Conquest: Boss
Conquest: Dungeon 1
Conquest: Poison Battle
Platinum: E4 Battle
Platinum: Evo, Trade
Platinum: Route 216
Platinum: Sandgem Town
HeartGold SoulSilver: Viridian City
Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky: Mt.Horn
Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky: Quicksand Cave
Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky: Brine Cave

Super Smash Bros

Brawl: Gritzy Desert (O.M.C.B: zhempstead)


Legendary: Boss
Legendary: Final Boss
Legendary: In Mission
Legendary: Pufftop
Legendary: Sogwood Forest
Legendary: Super Tough

The Scheme

Angry Fist
Perpetual Dark
Thousand Eyes

Windows 95



Island SNES: Athletic
Island SNES: Big Boss
Island SNES: Kamek’s Theme

You can download the .s files by going to my Google Drive where you can download the .s files. Please provide credit, including the one with the O.M.C.B tag.
FEGBA Music - Google Drive

Here is my Youtube Channel where I will be uploading the .s files into videos. I try uploading once a day, so you can expect one new ported track everyday, or at least till I get bored and not upload or something.

Making a Portrait using the Character Creator

Creating your own Portraits using Character Creator video:

Important Notes:

  1. Use Version 3.1.0 by going to Releases and downloading the FECHAR-3.1.0 zip file.

  2. You MUST extract the files into a folder in order to open the Character Creator jar. You can create a new folder, extract the files from the zip into the New Folder, then you can use the Character Creator.

  3. If you’re going to use Piskel like I do, it’s best to use a Mouse and not a Trackpad as it will be difficult for you to do.


New Music have been added:

Castle Crashers

Spanish Waltz

Fire Emblem

Shadow Dragon:
Dark Clouds Gather
Positioned to Win
Sweet Victory

New Mystery:
Keep Marching On

Dusk Falls
Path of the Hero King


Port Town


Dreamland 3:

Super Star Ultra:


Wily Castle

Flame Mammoth
Sigma Fortress 3

Zero 4:

Paper Mario TTYD

Training Battle


Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky:
Quicksand Cave
Brine Cave

HeartGold SoulSilver:
Viridian City