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I’m Citrus, although I go by Citrus363 on every site where the name isn’t avaliable. (So basically everywhere but here.) I’m a relatively recent Fire Emblem fan, only started around March of last year when I thought Chrom was fun in Smash Bros. and my friend recommended I pick up a copy of Awakening. Since then I’ve loved it, and have played every game in the series - even the NES ones. My favorite games are Thracia 776, Radiant Dawn, Awakening, and FE1 (what can I say, it’s charming.)

I joined FE Universe because I got bored and someone on Discord told me to play Vision Quest. I played it and some other hacks like Four Kings and Justice and Pride and thought that romhacking was pretty cool and that I wanted to make my own. It’s a lot to learn, but so far it’s fun seeing what works and what breaks the game in crazy ways.


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Takes some dedication to get through all of the games in the series, nice work

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Thanks! I will admit that I haven’t finished FE3 though, got kinda bored of it.

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I originally picked up FE7 because I thought Roy was fun in Smash Bros… Now it’s Chrom and FE13! Wild how things change.

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