How would y'all explain a Fire Emblem game or romhack's plot to someone else without going into spoiler territory?

I have had this idea for a challenge in my head for the past few days.

For example, when trying to explain to my friend and my boyfriend why I enjoy Path of Radiance so much, the only thing I can come up with in terms of story is that I enjoy the characters and the journey they undergo very much.
Either that, or I just tell them that the game is about Ike and his mercenaries in order to avoid any spoilers.
I don’t know if that’s the best idea, as it could make Path of Radiance seem like a mundane game without much going for it.

Growing up I have been an avid watcher of blind playthroughs, and honestly trying to hold back from spoiling the let’s player as much as possible in the comment section, or trying not to spoil anything about the game in a soundtrack’s Youtube video, has always been one of the aspects I enjoyed the most, since I would have to find a clever work-around in order to both show my appreciation towards said game while also getting the opportunity to gush about it.

So for some games, what I have in mind in regards to explaining their story to an outsider is this. There will be slight spoilers to each game mentioned, so beware:

  • Fire Emblem 7: The Blazing Sword (or Blade, though I don’t understand why it’s called Blade when every time I’ve acquired the game the you-know-what is called Blazing Sword🤔)
    The game is about a young woman of the plains called Lyn, and her adventures with the player tactician in order to help her become stronger and avenge her parents. An adventure that will take her to places she never would have expected…

  • Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones
    The game is about Princess Eirika and her struggle to reclaim her stolen homeland, Renais.

  • Fire Emblem 9: Path of Radiance
    The game is about Ike and his father’s group of mercenaries, and about how he grows into his own person and gains the respect of the people he meets.

  • Fire Emblem 10: Radiant Dawn
    The game, set three years after Path of Radiance, is about Micaiah and her friends’ struggle to reclaim their homeland from their oppressors, after their country, Daein, lost the war three years prior.

  • Fire Emblem 13: Awakening
    The game is about an amnesiac named Robin, who, with no memories of his own other than a certain man’s name, befriends a colorful group of people, and will soon become involved in an adventure far beyond what they could have imagined.

These are the first examples that come to mind for me. While I do think they are a bit bland for my tastes, I was wondering if any of you had similar descriptions to give me or a potential outsider in regards to a certain official game’s or romhack’s plot. :thinking:

Fire Emblem 2/15 (Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia): You play as Alm, a Zofian villager ready to risk his life for his homeland, and Celica, a priestess from the island of Novis as she makes a pilgrimage to Mila’s temple.

Fire Emblem 16 (Three Houses): You play as Byleth, a mercenary who often dreams of long gone events and a strange young girl. Upon a chance encounter with three students of a prestigious academy, he unknowingly becomes the arbiter of Fódlan’s fate.

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FE4 (Genealogy of the Holy War): The game is about Sigurd the Holy Knight, heir to House Chalphy, as he attempts to rescue his childhood friend Lady Edain of Yngvi, and eventually falls into an evil plot.
FE5 (Thracia 776): After being on the run for years, Prince Leif of Leonster sets off to liberate his second home of the Munster District.
Grug 1: A Canadian caveman, his best friend, and many other colorful characters engage in an unhealthy amount of tomfoolery.