How to show a boss palette in FE GBA Games?

The question is simple.

Those who use FEBuilder will probably know the bosses have personal palettes but due to some bad coding of the vanilla games, these for some reason don’t show .

I want my bosses for my hack to have personal palettes and be minor generic bosses, not some generic unit with the same palette as his minions.

Does someone knows how to fix this? Is there a patch or something?

To be clear, most bosses in the GBA games do have their personal palettes appear. There’s just errors IS made in the games to make a few of them not show (FE6’s unpromoted bosses have their palettes set as promoted palettes, FE7 Erik/early FE8 bosses palettes’ are set to only be used while they’re playable, and Nergal’s palette is set for an unpromoted class when he is a promoted unit). Just don’t make these errors, and they’ll appear fine.

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They do have palletes.
The only part where they don’t in FE6 early game due to them being for some reason mispointed as palletes for promoted classes.