How to set items to give off skills

Hello I would like to know if there would be any way to set up an item that gives you an skill in for a romhack in FEBuilder, I aim to make skills in my romhack act more as stat boosters as then it would be easier to balance it with only having personal skills and skills earned trough items. I would greatly appreciate any help with setting up the skill items

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If you’re on builder’s latest version of the skill system, go to the item editor and tick the PassiveBoosts box. Then assign the skill you want. Do note that this also makes the item’s Stat boosts passive, as in if you tick this box on a Speedwing, the unit that has it in their inventory gets +2 Spd without consuming it.

Or if you want something like a Skill Scroll, go to Patches and search for “skill scroll” and look into its implementation. This is a durability-based item that grants a skill according to its durability when consumed (ie. using a skill scroll with 1 Dur makes the unit learn Acrobat). Essentially, the skill scroll’s durability indexes the skill table. You decide how it appears in-game through the patch settings.


Thank you that information is going to help me a lot with the hack

have a great day

Hey sorry to bother you but I have an question for both alternatives

  1. what are the exact requirements for an item such as an energy ring to have the skill in its passive skill role

  2. what does the requirements of the skill scroll patch “:0x3 0x4B 0x14 0x22 0x50 0x43 0x40 0x18 0xC0 0x18 0x0 0x68 0x70 0x47 0x0 0x0” mean exactly?

  1. The explanation seems clear. It boils down to ticking the PassiveBoosts box on a statbooster.

  2. This means you didn’t install the most recent version of the skill system. Check if I’m right by putting “!” in the Patches searchbar. This displays all the patches you have installed.

This is the latest version on the patches of FEbuilder by the time I installed it
I couldn’t figure out how to configure the newest one with Event Assembler

That’s a version from way back in 2017. It’s outdated even by builder standards (2022). Have you tried pressing the Update button?

I did now and now it reset my patches, Well I guess now I need to go back to figuring out how to use the newest one with the even assembler : /

Would you help me with that while we are at it?

I don’t know if I can help much with it, but Febuilder asks if you want to install the event assembler when you first open it. I think there is an option to open it again. Outside of installing, I don’t think there’s any difference in how you use it.

What are you having trouble with, specifically? If your problem is that EA (Event Assembler) isn’t installed, then you can try going Settings → Initial Setup Wizard. Install everything that it tells you to.


Alright I got EA to work but now I have no idea how I should put these script files

I don’t recommend installing a custom build of the skill system, which is what you’re trying to do right now. I’ve heard that the skill system master on GitHub has bugged Skill Scrolls (or have they fixed this yet?). Instead, you should probably go to Patches and look for builder’s latest 2022 version of the skill system and update to that. More people can help you that way, plus it has 7743 support with extra patches for customization.

That was the one I got from circles everywhere but I am not sure so I might as well dowload another one now to be sure

You don’t need to download anything. Just go to builder’s Patches and install the most recent 2022 version. It has both functional Passive Boosts and Skill Scrolls.

this one?

Try the one at the bottom-most? The name of the skill system patch corresponds to the date it was released.

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Alright thanks, now I just got to test it with the skill scroll

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Thank you I finally got it to work, have a wonderful day and sorry if i annoyed you

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Great! Happy to help.