How to scramble the RNG in FE8 in the preparation screen?

Here’s the deal, I saved at the prep’ screen and started the chapter after that a druid hit Marisa with a 14 percent hit rate so I reset so it hopefully wouldn’t happen but everytime I reset she still gets hit by the same druid which leads me to believe the RNG number for getting hit is the same or something (for example, the first attack in the chapter will hit if the hit rate number is higher than 10, following this logic if the Druid in my problem had 11, 12 or 13% hit rate he would still hit) so how can I scramble the RNG so that she doesn’t get hit?
I thought that restarting the chapter would scramble the RNG but it doesn’t look like it I reset 3 times and she still gets hit everytime the chance of that happening, assuming the RNG is scrambled per reset, is 0.2744% so basically impossible.

Just wiggle the movement arrow around before making your move


Thanks but is there any other way?

Try the rng randomizer patch