How to remove Castle Frelia

  • Hacking method: FEBuilderGBA
  • Base Game: FE8

I’m probably stupid for asking this, but is there any way to remove the Castle Frelia event completely or have the game skip it when going to the world map for the first time?

For example, could I have it be just an empty event so that it just runs through to the save screen and it doesn’t mess with the world map?

In event editor for the prologue, you can look for the specific event that has castle frelia and can delete/reallocate the space for something else. There’s a command where you can have the game skip the world map altogether with or without save screen

Im pretty sure you can also get to castle frelia via emulator debugger and get the event there when its running in the emulator

The problem arises when I try to implement a traversable world map. For reference, in the hack I’m working on, the player is supposed to get access to the world map after Chapter 3. When the chapter ends, the player saves and it just goes to “prologue” and then the Frelia Castle event happens.

Notably, I know Sacred Echoes manages to sidestep this problem with its world map somehow, but I don’t know how.

UPDATE: So far I’ve managed to get it so that the first map event when initialising the world map now simply adds Chapter 4 to the map, as I want. My only problem is the save file displaying Prologue after beating Chapter 3.