How to remove balistae from maps?

  • Hacking method: FEBuilder

  • Base Game: FE8

  • Steps to reproduce: I created a brand new map, and imported it into the map editor, replacing the base map for Waterside Renval. This is an early chapter (I think chapter 7) in FE8. This is the first map with balistae on the map. Two of them.

Anyway, built up the map, added units, events, everything. And the now custom works very well. Except for one thing… the balistae are still there. I’m totally lost as to why this is the case. I can’t find them in the Unit Placer, or in the Map Editor, or among the events… I don’t know how or why they’re being loaded in the map, but I can’t seem to remove them.

So, a simple question that I can’t seem to find an answer to on FE Universe. How the heck do I remove balistae? Or edit them? Move them or add them? Some balistae 101 would be so helpful. And is balistae even the plural form of balista? I don’t know!

Thank you in advance.

Delete ballistas in Events –> Traps.


Thank you so much! Now it seems obvious, but I had trained my eye to only look at turn-based, always, and talk events. Didn’t even think to look further down that list.

Ballistas are an event, of all things. Cool!