How to program a special weapon mechanic? Begginer

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References aside, how would a weapon capable of acting as two different weapon types with a prompt be introduced on the game hack? I´d be grateful to know the process for FE7 and FE8 both, but if you only know how to make one of them, they will be useful either way.

Thanks in advance, and it´s nice to meet you all.

Can you give more details about how this would work/what you need it for? I think it would be easier to just make 2 items with the same name and item icon, but different weapon types, and give the item based on that choice.

Hi, let´s see, more detail.

Giving a in game example, I´m talking about a weapon its weapon advantages, special bonuses and effects change depending on enemy weapon. If you fight a sword user, the weapon will be counted as a lance, and while fighting against a lance user, the weapon will change to an axe. Both weapon modes will have different attributes, like the lance giving +2 on Def while the axe would give +2 on Atk and the sword +2 on Spd. The only way I could think of is making one item with the enemy as a variable, that loads a different icon and weapon value from the list depending on the weapons the item is facing. Basically a physical tome, but with weapon advantage against EVERYTHING.

Then just classify the type as staff (MAG) or bow (STR)
say that the item is a “magic weapon” or “weapon”
give it stats, boosts and animation
give it an effectiveness vs some enemy classes
and it will ignore the weapon triangle.

Or better follow Tequila’s advice as it gives more player control and item variables
but takes 1 inventory slot more.

Or combine the 2 above and make 2 Bow “Tomes” without weapon rank and weapon EXP
one being physical
and the other magical
each with their separate abilities
and put a weapon lock on them.

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I kind of did this once. What I´m doing is a gimmick for a custom class ala dread fighter, but without the crazy stats. I want the item to use different animations depending on the weapon but using only one item slot. These will have some sort of ghosting effect on the animation so it looks like they evoke the weapon from thin air. So yeah, I use the former process to make crazy legendaries and fiddle around, but I want this class to come equipped with the item at the moment of promotion.

You could call it a bonus class for a Gaiden chapter… Or a hatesink boss. Whatever is my mood before introducing it in-game. For now I call just them “Dante”.