How to make a class find Desert Treasures 100% of the time (like Thieves) FE8

Like the title says. I have a custom class called the “Outlaw”, that functions like a bow wielding thief, and the chapter he comes in has treasures lying around the map (think desert maps). However, I noticed he doesn’t behave like I expected, and he doesn’t get the treasure 100% of the time, even when he’s standing on the tiles where the treasure normally spawns.

This leads me to the conclusion that this action is hard-coded into the Thief and Rogue classes.
I use FEBuilder to do most of my hacking, so an answer involving that would be most appreciated (if it involves the Hex Editor, I can do that as well).

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It’s not hardcoded, it checks for the class ID in the event itself.
Look it up and do the same but with your desired ID.

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In theory it is possible.
However, I think that it is better not to do it.

In FE8U, desert treasure is executed in the following event.

You can see the numbers 0xD and 0x33.
This means the following.

ClassID 0xD Thief
ClassID 0x33 Rogue

Increasing this branch is theoretically possible.
However, we have to repopulate everything calling this event.
Also, when new treasures are to be increased, it must be changed.
The game will freeze the moment you forget it.

So, I recommend you do not do it.

As a compromise, will you erase ClassID 0x33 Rogue?
If you do that, you do not have to do a re-point.


I made a patch to solve this problem with FEBuilderGBA Version: 20181220.21.
With this patch, you can safely let multiple classes find treasure.

NAME.en=Define multiple classes that can discover desert treasures Installer