How to introduce pseudo-Dragon Vein tiles to change the map?

I´ll be honest here; even if I loved Fates:Conquest gimmicks, I utterly hated having to quantify in my strategies how many dragon blood wielders I would deploy for the sake of convenience even if they don´t work for me Cough Leo Cough.

Yeah, conquest never truly relied on dragon veins except for maybe Ninja Hell, but it bugs me to hell and back. Also, my no Pre-Promotes run felt lacking thanks to it.

Anyway, I think you all get where I´m heading to. How to make a “Dragon Vein” anyone can use? Let´s say I make a Clocktower level were manipulating a tiny room with tiles representing levers or buttons I can change how the cogs rotate and change the enemie´s movement direction as they approach me or set off a trap, whatever. That´s the idea, balancing issues aside.

How to make it happen in-game?

I know the Skill System has something like that but idk how to expand it

Skill system has dragon veins, youd just need to change the check to remove looking for the dragon vein skill

Welp, while Skill Master is most definitely something to keep present, it would lock me to work in FE8, which is not so much of a problem, but not only I would need to edit every class that I want to unlock it for them; I don’t even know how to edit the skills!

If you know where the tutorial for that specific module is found and point it out for me, you’ll become my hero!

Back on topic, I was thinking about using specific tile commands like seize but, I have no idea on how to make such a large scale event to occur.

CrazyColorz5 probably knows he made the FE:Destiny demo, so he’s pretty much a deity for me by now, but I don’t where to ask him or if he’s even willing to share such a thing.