How to get more factions in one map?

I don’t want to place a limit, 3, 4, 6, 52! I don’t really what’s possible and what isn’t. I just want to know how to introduce more factions through FEBuilder.

The option was probably there, but looking at all the advanced options makes me dizzy. Sorry, I have a lazy streak.

There’s no option in FEBuilder for that… or any existing hack to do it, at least to my knowledge.

Adding another faction is not an easy task. There’s a thread or two on here already that discusses the topic, you might want to search for them.

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Nobody working with SRPG Studio has managed to do that, either. Sorry. I’m sure it’s doable, but it would take a ton of work.

Nevertheless, your hopes of adding such a significant change are probably better with SRPG Studio than with FEBuilder.

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I believe FEXNA has no limit to how many factions you can use, but you’ll have to wait until 20XX for that one.

Serious answer: Bloodlines has 4 factions, but that’s for FE7 and also the ASM isn’t public. Might be worth speaking to Ghast and/or Brendor about it, though. Maybe one of our wizards in the community will make one for FE8 someday.

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Still don’t know what’s a wizard, not that I had put any effort in finding out. Thanks for the advice, I’ll have to make do with Green Unit enemies. Thankfully @Crazycolorz5 already took care of that one.

I did not understand the meaning of “factions”.
Do you want to make a third power group?

NAME.en=Make NPC (ally) as the third power.

If you use this patch, if flag 0x27 is on, NPC(green) will be the enemy side.
If you turn flag 0x 27 off, NPC will be on your side again.

If you want to create more power group, you can only fix ASM yourself.
Basically, if you want to go beyond the game system, there is no alternative but to make ASM yourself.
Learn ASM and Please make patches.

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