How to format battle animations for insertion?

So I recently decided to try and learn how to create battle animations, and chose an edit of the vanilla paladin as my first project. The animation itself was surprisingly easy, but I’m kinda running into a brick wall rn trying to insert it into the ROM. So far I’ve been swapping out every single frame of the vanilla paladin animation manually (I’m using FEBuilder), which works I guess but is also very tedious. Almost all the animations available to download are formatted into .bin files that make installation a lot easier, so I was wondering if anyone here knows how to format the animations for quick insertion since I wasn’t able to find any tutorial on how to do that.

If you’re editing vanilla animations, the best way is to export them from FEBuilder not from the animation editor, but from the overall Battle Animations menu just before that. There’s a button in its lower-right corner called “Export Battle Animation”, and you can use the dropdown from there to save the animation as a text file with PNG frames. It’s the same as exporting the frames individually, but you get them all organized at once, plus you can learn to make edits to the timing and commands in the text file if you want.

Anyway, when you’re done making your edits, you can import all the frames at once with the Import button by selecting the text file.

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I actually managed to figure this all out by myself eventually, but still, thanks, if not me your answer might help someone else who is having the same problem.

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