How to enlarge columns in the different menus and windows in FE8?

Hi here,
I would like to know if someone know how to modify the width of the different columns in FE8 -> for example the item column in the armory or in a character data.
Thanks for your help.

If you write the addresses that you found ,
I patch it into FEBuilderGBA and make it easy for anyone to use.

I can also investigate whether similar structures are applied to other series such as FE8J and FE7.
In addition, addresses are also used for disassembler hints, which is very useful for understanding FE programs.

I would be happy if you could share the information.

Hum, so I found nothing BUT, Tequila and Kirb managed to find some informations. i’m gonna put them here:
So let’s compare original with Tequila solution for Armory menu:

And here after Tequila’s modification:

So this is enlarging the Item column. Adress 0x16896. However 1A may be too big -> price above 999 won’t fit.
And here is for the item menu on a map:

So here adress is 0x59D186.

And I retrieve something that Kirb told you on the Kaitou Patch topic:

I looked up the addresses in other series with FEBuilderGBA’s pointer calculation tool.

length of column on item name in shop
FE6 0x166DA
FE7J 0x1693A
FE7U 0x164C4
FE8J 0x1663E
FE8U 0x16896

length of column on item name in map menu
FE6 0x5C7596
FE7U 0xB95A42
FE8J 0x5C5666
FE8U 0x59D186

MENU menu window length
FE6 0x05C764A
FE7J 0x0C04DB2
FE7U 0x0B95AF6
FE8J 0x05C56F6
FE8U 0x059D216