How to edit existing chapter events? FE7 [Solved}


As the title mentions, I am wondering how to edit existing chapter events.

I tried going into chapter event references and pulled the numbers from let’s say 0x3A - 0x3B Chapter11H Map being:

Now this is probably where things start going wrong, but I went into event assembler and placed that number in the offset, chose a text file, and pressed disassemble.

And of course nothing happened, so I’d like to know what I’m doing wrong. All I wanna do is change a few events and add some enemies.


Try selecting the bullet, “Whole Chapter”.
If you have “Whole length” selected with the default length of 0, it’s not going to disassemble anything.


Just tried it and it came up with the message:

1 errors encountered:
Offset is larger than size of file.

No data written to output


Take the 8 off of the front of 0x8369BB0. It’s only there to denote the pointer, and is not part of the actual offset.

EDIT: Also, @thekealganon, you seem to be using the map pointer. If it’s events you want to edit, you need to use the Ch. 11H events pointer, which is 0x8CA1A34.


Heh. I didn’t even notice that. I did that once but with assembling.


Thanks for the help it worked perfectly!