How to do mini portraits for characters who don't have?

In Fire Emblem there’s a lot of characters who doesn’t have a mini portrait, an example, is the villagers on all the fire emblems. but what about the important NPC?
How can I make them from 0?
I’ve been give it a lot of shots, but still… no happy results.

The simplest method I’ve seen is to resize the portrait to 50%, and then align it within the 32x32 box so the head is mostly visible. After that, it’s a matter of outline cleanup and some edits to make the face more in line with the vanilla minis (in particular, removing shading on far side of face, removing nose, and making the eyes thinner).

thanks dude, gonna try it out.

You can also take a 64x64 selection of the portrait and then resize that to 32x32, rather than resizing the entire portrait. That’s how I did most of my minimugs.

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