How to create boss recruitment


So I’m a fan of the boss recruitment hacks that take FE6-8 and let you recruit bosses but how do you do those? Specifically what commands/events are used to do those? Also, does it need to have groups like the ones we see out now or does splitting it up like that make it easier to manage?

I’m using FEBuilder so instructions in that would be great. Just curious and wanted to mess around with it.


Well I’m not a genius nor an expert of FEBuilder
But If I learned something in RPG maker and FEBuilder is that there are different ways to reach what you want.
So here’s my version of how I would recruit bosses.

Bosses generally are a win condition for clearing chapters so I wouldn’t change that. The the recruitment should be at the End Event of the chapter when they appears. I don’t know what’s the exactly event you must use. But you can check any chapter where a new character is joined by eventing. Then replicate that event and add the boss instead. That’s all.

I hope it works :3


Easiest is to simply replace the portrait, name, desc, and stats of the recruitable characters with that of the bosses. Eg. Eirika becomes O’Neil, Seth becomes Breguet, and so forth.

Note that by opening the char editor and double clicking Selection, you can export/import the table as a .csv and edit it in excel/libreoffice, which might save you time.


You’d think you could just place the bosses as blue units with the original ID, but you have to put playable units in the first group of unit IDs, the game won’t save certain data otherwise. Do what Vesly said and swap the IDs, otherwise there will likely be bugs.

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I did mess around with making a game thats just the bad guys but replacing all recruitables with boss characters. I was looking at more of how they do it in the havks where you can recruit on from each group by talking with them as you play the story.

Close to what Lukirioh is saying

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