How to create another "Eclipse"?

In FE8, “Eclipse” can reduce HP by 1/2,
And I see a patch named “Sets whether the Eclipse tome reduces HP by 1/2 (Default) or reduces HP to 1 like in FE6 (Patched)”
Can I create a new magic like “super Eclipse” ,so that I can have both two effects?

What would that do, in theory?
Fe6 version is clearly stronger and works like Hel in Fe4.

He means that the tome would decrease max HP by half, while reducing current HP to one.

I think he just means that he wants both effects as sepparate tomes


yes~You got what I mean
I’m not good at English…

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I just had the sudden realization you could achieve the effect you desire by having two tomes. One is the vanilla FE8 Eclipse whereas the other utilizes the Eclipse skill from the latest version of Skillsystems, should you choose to use that.

The Eclipse skill is skill% chance to activate, bringing the foe down to 1 HP. but if you are fine with that then it should serve as a decent makeshift solution.

The closest I could find after some digging is this:

However, this is for FE7. I tried for FE8 some time ago, but it ultimately does not work. Someone who knows ASM may be able to adjust it to work for FE8.

FE8 version is 0x2AE22
Same steps as the quote, but paste this as the code block instead

13 20 30 56 23 22 89 5C 00 29 01 D0 40 1A 01 E0 01 30 40 10 21 1C 5A 31 00 4A 10 47 2F AE 02 08

Hope that helps

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