How to change music linked to items?

I’m making an FE7 hack, and made a pair of weapons replacing the Sleep and Berserk staves. I didn’t realize at the time that these staves have certain songs that play when used, and that these songs would then be used when a unit wields the weapons they were replaced with. Is there a way to change what song is set to them (or better yet, disable having a song set to them at all)?

You do this from the item editor (click when used, 5 - type of staff)

How does that work, exactly? Changing the value in the “When Used” thing doesn’t seem to be changing the music.

(Also, inputting 5-8 (for Sleep) and 5-9 (for Berserk) just makes it default to 0, which isn’t changing the music.)

I have created a patch that solves this problem.
This patch supports FE8J, FE8U, FE7J, FE7U.

NAME.en=Set multiple Staff BGMs
INFO.en=This patch allows you to set the staff Battle BGM to something other than Healing and Curing BGM.\r\nThe list will be matched from top to bottom, picking the one found first.\r\nIf you want to change the behavior of a particular unit or class, place it at the top of the list.\r\nIf the list is not matched, the default BGM will be played.
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Thanks so much! This is a huge help!