How to change Demon king summons in fe8

can the demon king class summon player units or npc units, I can only summon enemies with them i have tried to change it but it just reverts to enemy units, I can change everything else about them like a regular unit. I’m using FE builder gba if that helps at all. if you can do this in other game editors i would like to know. (i accidentally said i used FEeditor early sorry)

In FEBuilder, you can change what the Demon King can summon in the advanced editors menu, you can also change the army alliance for what he summons as well, FEeditor is something I absolutely have no idea for however, as I generally would use FEBuilder more imo, so that’s all I can give you, FEeditor is a complete mystery to me though.

FEDitor (and the whole Nightmare/GBAGE/etc suite) is very outdated. Among other things, the two modern methods are FEBuilder and Buildfiles (which use Event Assembler).

I’d highly advise against using FEditor.

Yeah, FEditor has a reputation for breaking roms

There are issues that must be solved in order to Summon PlayerUnit.
It must do the same thing as “Phantom”.
When the battle is over, “Phantom” disappears without Party.

If you want to summon a large amount of “Phantom”, it would not be a problem.
However, if you want to summon other units, it will be a problem.