How to carry over exp & weapon durability from chapter to chapter in FEbuilder?

I’m not sure if I’ve messed up something with the editor or if I’m just being dumb, but I can’t figure out how to carry unit experience and weapon uses from one chapter to the next. I tried looking at the vanilla fe8 rom to see how they do it there, but it just seems to load units in the event editor and automatically carry over exp and such. I’ve been looking all over the place for an answer to this, or at least someone asking a similar question, but I cant find anything. Any ideas?

What load event are you using? In FEBuilder, I believe the one you’re looking for is LOAD2; just looking at the events in Prologue and Ch. 1 show that.

Prologue - loading in Seth and Eirika:

Ch. 1 - loading in Seth and Eirika:

I think I’ve tried all of the different load types (load, load and move, load move join party, etc), but I’ll try this one again just in case.

Ok, so I just tried the Load units and move command, and it loaded the units for the starting cutscene, but then removed them as soon as the chapter started??

Send a report7z or use the debugger to view unit states & have conversations happen between commands as to pause your events to figure out what’s going on.

Load1 1 is used for new units. Load1 0 is used for prep screens etc.
Load2 is for cutscenes and should not generally be used.
Load3 loads units based on your party order, but is only used for cutscenes in vanilla fe8 afaik.
Load4 loads the current skirmish unit group. I see no advantage to this vs loading units from memory slot 2, so even I don’t use this one.

In short, always use load1 for most users.
For more details, read this:

2C : load units (LOAD1, LOAD2, LOAD3, LOAD4)

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Thanks for the tip! Checked the debugger and found that I was using the Erase(Kill) command rather than the normal Erase command when the player units left the map in the first chapter.

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Thanks for correcting me on this, I’ve only really tinkered with reskinning FE8 so my eventing knowledge isn’t the best.

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