How to add more letters/characters in fe8 system?

I’m creating a FE8 Hack, but I’m facing a very simple issue, but since I don’t know programing language things get pretty dificullt for me.
The problem is: I’m trying to add new words to FE8 System, like ‘’ ~ ‘’ or ‘’ ° ‘’, if you write these words/characters in the game, they will change to a question mark meaning that these words doesn’t exist in the game.
I really wish I could add them because the kack I’m doing is very much translation and adding thing.
The only thing I really need is the ‘’ ~ ‘’, so I could use in the ‘‘A’’. If you may ask why the reason, is because im some languages the ‘’ ~ ‘’ is used to make an ascendant word, like (mão = Hand).
If it isn’t in system, may you guys could teacht me how to insert?
If allready exist it, than the problem is only the keyboard titles, so I only need to change them.
Thank you all for you attention.

Hi, I believe you can try to solve your problem using the narrow font patch made by Scraiza, from there you can enter this special font, if it already exists, you have to check the basic vanilla ASCII table instead, I can’t tell you more, I hope you can find the solution to the problem


There may also be a patch related to inserting other language characters

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I know a method but idk if its bug free.

In febuilder go to image editors > font editor,
choose between Serif (dialogues) or Item font,
search for “a” and export as image .png.

Use usenti to import this “a” then make it “ã” and save it,
make sure you dont add more colors in usenti (use the color pick tool).

Go back to febuilder font editor anf search for “ã” it will say it was not found, dont worry.

Import the “ã” you created, fix ‘‘font width’’ if needed then click write to rom.

With this method you can add any character to any gba fire emblem rom or hack,
but like I said idk if its 100% bug free.

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