How to activate Ballista animations

I’m facing a problem. I don’t know how to activate Ballista animations in FE8. They only work if you but a Ballista into an Archer’s inventory. But if you ride a Ballista that was in the map as a trap (how it’s supposed to be), they don’t work.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Try to set a Battle Animation for this classes:

The animation pointer of that classes is 0.

But is possible you need set one or some animations for each ballista. Like this (I’m Using the same animation for three ballistas existents in FE8):

As far as l know, it’s something that was sorta hardcoded in FE6. The ballistae classes had no anims defined in that game either, but obviously the anims would play. l don’t know how you’d keep them working as traps in FE8 unless there’s a patch for it.

I think that could work. But how would it differentiate between male and female characters?

Edit: I tried your method and it didn’t work at all

Another method you could try is to set a battle animation for the classes “Archer” and “Sniper” using each one of the ballistas.

I already tried that. Again, it only works if the ballista item is in the unit’s inventory. It doesn’t work when actually riding a ballista

I am very sure the game just forces battle animations to be off for the unit while they ride a ballista. Meaning someone would have to change the code responsible for it to not do that and instead pull from the animations associated with the given class.

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