How the hell does Walhart see?

This has genuinely been bothering me for so many years

How does this dude see? He literally has no pupils

Please someone explain it. How does he see with no pupils?

Btw it’s been like… forever since spoke here but been considering joining back the FEU discord. Kinda been debating because haven’t felt like I’m worthy in joining back as weird as that sounds

But considering coming back :upside_down_face:


Maybe his horns are actually antennae and not horns. Hmmmm.

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His armor must have a detect skill which i guess gives a full mental view of the surrounding or something
He adapted the skill of spider and feels vibration of the air

Serious Answer: Its an anime trope to have eyes blank to to symbolise power/anger usually (see Berserk and Dragon Ball examples below), so I just assumed its an easy visual indicator to display Walhart’s strength (Conqueror Warrior Warlord) and philosophy at a glance.

Silly Answer: He doesn’t need to see he has super echolocation like Daredevil, I mean they’re both dressed in red and they both have horns on their costumes. Coincidence?


The man is simply so angry he just sees without pupils.

The whites of his eyes ARE his pupils

He’s Walhart, he doesn’t need pupils because that.

Wall, he Hartly sees anything

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Haven’t played SoV in a few years so I don’t remember exactly, but it’s either the berserker anime trope or he’s sold his soul to the demon lord at that point. Either way, it’s meant to connotate (bro, spellcheck doesn’t recognize connotate as a word… that’s wild.) that the owner’s body is now being driven by some force besides themselves. Whether that is internal (anger, demon possession) or external (drugs, external possession) it is usually spiritual in nature.

It makes sense. There are plenty of us who are on the periphery and don’t engage with the larger community that much. I get the impression that regardless of how much someone does or doesn’t contribute they’re welcome to stick around as long as they abide by the community rules. :slight_smile: