How religious are the members of FEU in general?

Just thought it’d be neat to make a poll about this. As for me, I’m in the hardcore atheist position, but I don’t hate Christianity or anything like that.

  • Very religious, some might call me an extremist
  • Somewhat religious, but I avoid the weird stuff
  • I go through the the motions, but I’m not a big believer (I do it for the community aspect)
  • I’m non-religious but I believe religion has practical value in our society
  • I’m a total atheist/agnostic and I dislike religion in all or most of its forms
  • I am 12 and what is religion?

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Hi I’m 11 and what’s a relegion


(Former) practicing Catholic here

I am also catholic

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I mostly am ambivalent towards religion. I am personally agnostic, and was raised and live in a Catholic family and practice Catholic customs.

People are actually voting for the serious options instead of the joke one.

I put the joke option in for really retarded people.

And now that I’ve said this, I expect fully 90% of the votes to switch to it.

some religions/churches/groups are pretty cool and full of nice people but there’s also a lot of crazies and even I ended up with a lot of Catholic guilt as a result of my upbringing which seriously impeded my growth as a person so they’re not perfect

Catholic guilt

Do you mind elaborating on that? Never heard of it

If you’re Catholic, you understand

Is it feeling guilty that you’re Catholic? Because I’m Catholic and I’ve never felt that. Rage at the Vatican yes but never guilt.

What’s a religious?

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