How much romhacking can you do offline?

So say I got something like Lex Talionis or Gbabuilder
How much of that would need a constant internet connection?
Might pick up romhacking in December, but I don’t have access to constant internet

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You only really need internet at all for downloading assets and looking up answers to questions or problems you may be having. Otherwise, at least with FEBuilder, you don’t need any internet connection at all. I’d assume it’s very similar with LT but I am not familiar with that program.


In theory, once you have the tools needed to hack a rom such as Event Assembler and/or FEBuilder, you shouldn’t need an internet connection since these applications do not require it.

In practice, an internet connection will help you download assets to use in your hack, connect you to others to get help/learn how to do things as you need it, facilitate version control in the cloud, and a number of other things. If your internet access will be sporadic, I’d suggest you try to maximize the time you do have internet to do the things I listed above.


Oh well sick.
I can just ask questions on my phone then
Assets are the only issue I might have, but I can make that work
Thanks : )


I can confirm that it is the same with Lex Talionis. No internet required apart from downloading the software, assets and such.


Assuming you first download Lex Talionis, and then download the entire Graphics Repository, you basically have everything you need to make a project.

The same is true of FEBuilder and the Repo.

TL:DR just download the whole repo and a romhacking or custom FE tool. That’s all you need, and you can look up tutorials on your phone. Easy!