How many WAV.s can take a FE8 Rom?

I’m curious to ask this, I managed to put a WAV music from other game (a PS1 ISO), and when I imported it, it sounded a bit awful (Sound Quality, not a sound mess) and managed to restore the quality but consumes a masive 2645938 bytes from his original size; 18603692 bytes.

How much can the ROM take of bytes from just WAV.s?

Just messing around with the FEBuilder music and stuff.

I guess the answer is how much free space do you have?

gba ROM cannot exceed 32MB.
Please note that wav consumes a lot of space.

If you use 1 minute wav with the lowest sound quality, it will consume about 800KB.

Thanks for the info, now I can resolve if I can pass SNES Music to GBA through this.