How does W.Exp work when Promoting? aka is this bugged?

So I feel like I should know this. But here is Fey unpromoted, and her promoted Class. Look at her Light Magic rank, and the promoted light magic rank. Then her fully promoted self is at the bottom where the madness is.

FE - The Last Royal.emulator

But as you see she has an E rank in light magic, promoted light class only has a C in light magic.

FE - The Last Royal.emulator123

And that’s her promoted. So why does her Light Magic go to an S? Does it level her staff to an S and overflows the W.Exp to light magic? Or is this just a random bug that I have?

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I tested it in vanilla Sacred Stones and this… does not happen, so it definitely looks like a bug. Maybe something to do with the “keep level on promotion” hack?

Does anything change if you change the bishop’s base staff exp? 121 is kind of a lot anyway.

Maybe this could help.

What’s the cleric class’ base light magic Wexp? From what I understood, if it’s higher than what Fey has when she promotes, her light Wexp could underflow as cleric’s base Wexp is subtracted from the current Wexp.

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Aha you’re right!

Base light magic for Cleric is rank D, while the Character (for some reason) starts with rank E! So I guess it does underflow and make her rank S.

i have a question i cant seem to find this patch or remember, how do i add the mag stat on the stats of all characters which patch is it

skill systems patch should have it