How does the memory C slot works?

Hello there, Cactus here, if you can give me a tutorial link as an answer I will grateful with you for all the life I have left.

How does the Memo C works and how can be used once understanding it?

Memory slot C (SlotC) is the twelfth memory slot.
This slot is used as a place to return the return value of a function.

For example, you have 1000 gold.
If you issue the CHECK_MONEY command at this time, 1000 (0x3E8) will be returned to SlotC.
CHECK_MONEY is a command that checks the current amount of money you have.

Here is another example.
CHECK_ALIVE can be used to check the survival of a unit.
If you issue CHECK_ALIVE 0x12 (Amelia), you can check if Amelia is alive.
If she is alive, 1 (true) will be returned to SlotC,
if she is dead, 0 (false) will be returned to SlotC.

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