How do you use the Skill System in your Buildfile project?

Hello everyone! I’m trying to get into FE Hacking after a long time from my first attempts (back in the good olde Ultimate Tutorial FEEditor days), and I’ve been eyeing the Buildfile system because I really like having version control on hack development and I’m familiar with coding and assembly, so it’s not an issue. I’ve been reading about the basics of the system and I somewhat understand it now, however I’m not really sure about how to use it with the Skill System.

What I mean is, how do you integrate the system into the hack? Do you develop directly into it, using its Tables, Text, etc… folders, or do you copy the necessary files to your project? Or maybe do you use the Github base files but delete everything not needed? I’m not sure what’s the best way to do it. So, FEUniverse, what do you think it’s the best way to go?

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Personally, I started with the github skillsys base and just modified from there.

Yeah, I thought that would be good enough, but I’m a bit worried it may end up being too bloated with all the optional patches, skills, etc…

I feel you :pensive:

The skill system is currently kind of designed to bring as much features as possible in one package, which does induce bloat and similar issues for people that plan on using it. Sadly there’s not really an alternative to it right now and most people will just have to deal with it. I have attempted to make my own lightweight alternative to the skill system in the past, but it’s not quite usable as it is.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can work towards making your own stripped down customized skill system that only include what you need, and you’d do that by porting over features from the main skill system one at a time. That would require a lot of time and knowledge to do properly, but I believe that having your own custom “engine” (for a lack of a better term) has its benefits.

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A lot of features can be disabled/enabled in the configuration file. Have a look at this for example:

So, the best thing would be commenting out patches and unwanted skils then? If you do that, they won’t add anything to the project? For example, if I remove the skill Wrath, will the Wrath icon and text description be added anyway?

If you set the SkillID to 255 it can’t be obtained, but everything related to the skill (icon, mechanics, text, etc.) will still be built into the ROM.

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Well, it’s not exactly ideal but I guess it’s better than expending hours removing and editing everything like @StanH said. Thanks for the input!

Yeah from what I’ve seen most buildfile projects use skill sys github as a base and edit stuff from there.

Often if you want to do something basic, chances are its been done before. For example, I’ve found copying referencing what Pikmin’s done to install various graphics as useful.

The feu discord’s #hacking_help is also a necessity to developing your buildfile imo.