How do you un-ban characters?

In my chapter 8, Tyren (Matthew’s slot) is banned.
I know you can just use another chapter slot that doesn’t ban any characters but I’d like to know how I can just unban him from chapter 8?

Doesn’t the Character Banner/Forcer patch fix that?

my ROM doesn’t like his patch and I don’t know why :\

I think it’s hardcoded somewhere in the ROM

That’s a common thing (edited roms not liking the patch).
iirc you can copy the data manually from the patch into your rom into different locations and link it up.

Of course, the easiest method it just don’t use Matthew’s character slot or the chapter slot.

never mind

edit: ok so it looks like setting 0x2000000 in the unit status bans a character so you can UNCR that

edit 2: no no I was right the first time, change 8DECC to 0