How do you pronounce Kelik?

  • Keh-lick
  • Key-lick

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I actually say it like Kell-ick, but Keh-lick is the closer option so i voted that


I pronounce it either the first or Keh-leck

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I called him Key-Lick, but I assume it’s Keh-lick


Nobody saying “Kuh-lick”? Buffoons, all of you!

(But seriously, I pronounce it more like “Kell-lick”. Your first option is closer, so I went with that one.)


How I pronounce Kelik


That name… It’s been years since I’ve heard it. But the memories flowed in like water when the dam breaks… Not like you’d understand…

That name, just hearing it… Some say keh-lick, others say key-lick, but what do they know? Have they faced him in battle? Watched their friends perish before their eyes? Do they even know the power Cain granted him?

I doubt it.

So when his name is uttered, I care not how it is said. I know only sorrow… I hear only… The blade


pandan this is a wendy’s drivethru


You don’t sell fish sandwiches here, do you? Pft. I wouldn’t expect you to understand.

EDIT: I checked after writing and Wendy’s does do fish now. They do understand.



Definitive, Blazer at one point went by the name of ケリク.


Meh-Lick (but with a K instead of M)



… Though if we use the katakana that Blazer himself used for it, we get just ['ke̞ɺi.kɯ̥], which indicates that he may have pronounced it KEH-leek? If the intended pronunciation in English is ['kʰɛ.lɪk] (KELL-ick), you’d think the kana would be ケリック, and if it were supposed to be [kʰɛ.'lik] (keh-LEEK) they would be ケリーク, yet Blazer’s rendition is ケリク. This katakana rendition is unexpected with how English’s tense and lax vowels are transliterated to Japanese’s long and short vowels. This leads me to believe that, if TLP were a Japanese creation, a fan translation would get the name “wrong” and call him Carrack or something. The most hilarious potential misunderstanding would be for someone to assume it was supposed to be some fancy European word like… I dunno… Quelque. Or the translators would just shrug at that point and do a Berg->Vergil sort of thing. Maybe they would look at the same legends Siegfried is from and try to find a character in them with a similar name who could plausibly have been the inspiration for Kelik. Alternatively, they may take note of his association with アナキン (assuming we’re not willing to transliterate that to Anakin, since everyone associates that with Star Wars) and put a Middle Eastern spin on his name and call him something like Khalîq. Although I expect the name was created ex nihilo (it just sounds cool and snappy), it is entirely possible to read way too much into anything as soon as you transliterate it into kana.


There is actually a fanmade JP translation of TLP. We could see how they decided to render it in kana. :thinking:


W0t? Really?!
Did TLP reach the other side of Earth?!


Pretty sure TLP sold better than FE12


The moment when a hack of a series that was originally from japan has to be translated to reach japan. Fullcircle lol


Don’t forget his name is said out loud in-game:

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Don’t you die on me, Keh-lick! Get up!

We have it, boys! Definitive proof!