How do you prefer to play romhacks?

Of these three options, how do you play romhacks most of the time?

  • Computer
  • Mobile Device
  • 3DS/Other Nintendo Hardware

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3ds gang represent!

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Lately I have been playing some of the bigger completed hacks on my 3DS, and it definitely does feel pretty cozy to do that. But computer has emulator speed up, so you can’t beat that.

Computer has more capabilities to include. You can make changes and be up to date with the ROM hacks getting updates as time goes by and can setup the settings to fit your style in it and use Save States if you mess up.

MyBoy! because it’s a quick, compact way to kill time.

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I use my psp.

thought the 3ds users would be more common

Depends really on the situation. If I were outside or just in my bed, I’ll prefer using my 3DS or phone, with the 3DS ranking higher than the phone since I just can’t handle touchscreen controls sometimes. In the end, playing in the computer is more comfortable for me since I feel like I can move faster with a keyboard than playing in the 3DS nor a phone.

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I sit at a computer all day for my job, so when I want to unwind by playing something, I prefer to do so by playing on other hardware like my 3DS or GBA.

I like playing on my phone while i travel, but the commodity of playing on my computer on my room is unbeatable