How do you make fe gba battle animations on android and import them into the rom

Im looking for a way to make fe gba battle animations and import them onto the fe gba rom hack.

Can you explain what you mean by this? I’ll just give all the answers…

If you mean make the art on a mobile device then transfer it into a GBA rom through your computer, that can work. It might be hard making an animation on a mobile device but it is possible.

If you mean insert it on a mobile device, I am not sure. From what I know there isn’t a legitament way to insert animations on phone.

If its not possible to transfer my own custom fe gba battle animations to a fe gba rom on android i atleast want to make some fe gba battle animations on android

If you want to mod roms, you’ll have to use a PC. If you want to play roms, you can play them on android.

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You can make the animations on android with most art programs. I do though highly advise doing it on a computer because of more options and features in those art programs.

Which art progams

Nobody here primarily uses android for creating their hack, so I doubt you’ll get many specific suggestions.

I think that any program that supports Indexed Colours should work. I don’t know about Android, but for pc usually Usenti, Graphicsgale, and sometimes Gimp2 are recommended.