How do you fix a duplicated map in FE8?

I’ve run into a peculiar problem with several of my maps. The number of chapters I’m trying to implement into my FE project is quite lengthy, but I’ve run into a problem with a couple of them. The problem in particular is that seven pairs of maps duplicate each other in tile placement, but not in the tileset.
For an example, map 0F and 1C are two maps that duplicate each other in tile placement. My problem is that both are radically different in both the tiles used and the tilesets. Map 0F (Second Map) is my 15th chapter, but 1C (First Map) is for Chapter 4x.

If I imported 4x into 1C, 15 will get messed up entirely.

The same will apply vice versa as well. Does anyone know how to work around that, or do I have to settle with doing away with the gaiden chapters. As is, all of the normal chapters barely fit in as chapter 27 is the last map and avoids the duplicate issue, but I wanted to add in the side chapters to flesh out my characters a bit more. I wish I knew how to do this, but this is my first rom hack of an FE game and to say that I’m a novice is mostly true.

You need to change the Map Pointer in any of the chapters for that to be different in the Chapter Editor.


For example, you can have in chapter 0x0F the Map Pointer 18 and in chapter 0x1C, you can have the Map Pointer 30. With this, you can have separate each map.

An advice: Do a back up of your maps before change that.

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