How do you add Bards into FE8?


I want to add the bard class into me FE8 hack. I have imported the map animations and the battle animations as well as the sound effects of the flute and the background song from FE7. Though I was able to apply a patch that let the flute sound play, I still am having trouble with a couple things.

  1. During the Bard “Playing” the BGM is playing when I would like it to be the Bard song that I imported, how could I apply this?

  2. The sparkles or whatever that comes up at the end of a dance/song is not popping up, how would I change this?

  3. When I select play with only map animations on the spites glitches and it plays the breaking stone sound effect and then the map continues. Is there a way that I could fix this?

Please let me know if you know how to do any of this. Thank you!

First, install and configure the following three patches.

Define Multiple dancers(Battle animation effect)
Setting battle BGM of a many dancer in battle animetion 20191020
Setting sound effect of a many dancer in map battle

The following patch is additionally required for the whistle sound.
Of course, you also need to set the whistle sound to SongID: 2d4.

Modify C85 0x3B Play to play whistle sound (SongID: 0x2D4)

To make the map animation DANCE, you need to set an AP that anyone can dance to.
It registered in the combo box as AP7-1.

The following patch is required to make the enemy dancer work


Thank you so much! Everything is perfect now