How do I make a separate army? (FEBuilder FE7)

As some may know I have been working hard on an FE7 hack and I want to make a gaiden chapter that uses an entirely separate army from the main chapters, how do I go about doing this? I’ve been sitting on this since yesterday and I can’t find the answer no matter how I search.

It’s not detrimental to the hack if I can’t do it (it is a gaiden chapter) but I feel like it would help the story greatly and open more possibilities for map design in the future for me if I learned how.

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There was a thread with a similar question a couple weeks ago. You may want to check it out.

From what I can tell, you should be able use UNCM and UNCR to apply or erase the “Escaped” condition on a unit. Should be the 0x10000 tag. You’d just have to escape all units in the one army before the gaiden and reappear them after, and do the same with the second army. I’m just going off what was said in that thread though, I don’t do much with FE7, so I don’t know what I’m talking about and you probably just look at the marked solution there.

I think you would use events to hide all the units from your main army and then have the side chapter. Them after the Gaiden chapter you’d reveal the main army and delete (Kill) all the units from the side army.

Know that there would be various bugs and quirks you’ll have to figure out (like how to keep the game from crashing when you’re main Lord isn’t in the chapter.)

It may take some finagling, but it’s definitely possible.

I did the disa thing thanks fo pointing me in the right direction

l must clarify that removing Escaped won’t bring your units back for the prep screen. Specifically the “Tequila’s Capture” flag must be removed to return a unit. To keep things simple, just flag or unflag both simultaneously (0x4010000).

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